Cyrus Kharabaf's GITA 2

My name is Cyrus Kharabaf and I am a sophmore at Brea Olinda High School.
I am taking AP Computer Science and AP Euro, aswell as multiple honors
classes this year. Last year I enjoyed making games and web applications
with C# and am now excited to make websites with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

My plan for the future is to continue CS further and either get into
cybersecurity or becoming a web-developer. In order to do this I will
have to maintain a high GPA, get involved in the community, and join
clubs that involve my interests.

School Address: 789 Wildcat Way, Brea, CA 92821


Misinformation Project

Technology Project

Business Card


Merchandise Project

Merch Project Upgrade

Dice Program

Craps Game

Triangle Checker

Circle Bounce

Space Invader

Xtreme Coding

Many Circles Bounce

Helicopter Game

CS Today

Number Array

String Program

Number Array Upgrade

Pizzeria de Gattito